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Maggie Loves Beans is a Swedish-American family-business with only one passion : Coffee. Since the age of 25 first as coffee lover, later on as a certified barista she was introduced to specialty coffee and was intrigued by the complexity of coffee science. Her passion for discovering phenomenally delicious coffee has led to direct working relationships with some of the world‘s most exemplary farmers, producers, roasters and barista.

There is a geekery that can be traced through her coffee adventures. She became a trendsetter in the coffee world or a pioneer in new ideas when she in 2012 became worldrecord holder with  the longest cuppingtable ever.

The coffee story of Maggie loves beans:

The little bean..How and why it all started?


Born and raised in Sweden, married to an American, two lovely children. We lived in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and recently we moved to Irvine California where we started our coffee catering business equipped with a mobile coffee bar. A well traveled varied life with a lot of twist and turns. Never boring and ever changing.

How did it all end with coffee and Maggie Loves Beans? I have a Masters diploma from a Swedish university and worked for years with people. I have always been a people person but my marriage and children took me on an unexpected journey. I have always had a passion for coffee and became fascinated by not just the taste but the history and culture of coffee. It is not just a drink but a way of life in many parts of the world.

Had I remained in Sweden, I sure my life would have turned out differently. 

Do not get me wrong. Coffee would still have been part of my daily routine but not the center of it. I have memories of the smell of coffee when I was young. My mother loved a cup and I can still remember the aroma in the morning when I was a child. So it was very much part of my daily routine but strangly enough I did not become a drinker myself until I was a student at the University. I soon understood it was not just the coffee but it was a reason to bring me and my friends together. It became part of the fabric of our daily routine. A bond was started with some of the other students and they are still today some of my closest friends.
Coffee for me has evolved into not only a wonderful drink but also my fulltime job. ...working, thinking, tasting, talking, living, experiencing, learning, loving, teaching , and travelling looking for that perfect cup of coffee where ever it may be in the world and sharing those experiences with other coffeelovers..
Coffee has had a positive impact on my life..I guess you could say, "I am one with the coffee bean". So far so good., do not excatly know where it will lead me...but I am enjoying the ride.


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